Holiday in Bruges

What could be more romantic and more inspiring than a place that looks like a fairytale scene? Situated in medieval cobbled streets of Bruges lead to numerous historical, architectural and artistic wonder pieces. Admire the graceful houses on the branched channels, and you’ll understand why this is a favorite destination for all travelers. The whole city exudes an atmosphere of history, love for modern and enthusiasm for the future. Visit Bladelin Court, the Groeninge Museum, Church of Our Lady, the bell tower and the covered market. The domain for Bruges Vacations is for sale

Where to stay

Hotels, B&B's , Holiday homes


There are lots of Hotels in Bruges, from nice simple good hotels to superdeluxe Hotels. To make your stay even more relaxed.

Bed and breakfast

There a a lot of Bed and Breakfast places in Bruges, so would you like to have a nice stay. Have an host that can tell you more about Bruges and its history, or the special places you need to visit. Make your stay extra special.

Holiday Flats

If you are searching a home from home, you can choose to rent a holiday flat or home, so you can make your own meals and relax after a day of shopping, tasting, education etc.

What to do


In Bruges there is so much to see, there is so much history. You can take a boat trip through the canals, or take a horse and carriage through the town. Go to museums, climb the Belfry tower, visit the Historic Centre of Bruges, admire the scenery and architecture.


Bruges has different restaurants for every taste, form mussels to the real Belgian Chips (there is even a Chips Museum) to restaurants with Michelin stars. And don’t forget to eat their delicious waffles.

Belgium Chocolate

Belgium is of course famous for its delicious chocolate. So why not take a trip to the chocolate musem, the Chocolate Museum is a source of data and historical, geographical and botanical information as well as recipes for
– industrial and individual chocolate makers
– teachers and students
– chocolate lovers

Belgium Beer

You can also go to the Bruges Beer Musem there you discover the most fascinating aspects of beer in a fun and innovative way. The iPad Mini takes you deep into the rich world of beer… You learn about the history of beer, from its beginnings until the present day, beer in Bruges, Trappist beers, beer types and brewing processes and much more..

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